Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maybe not the most stylish child...

But we do what we can to stay warm when needed. 

This is after we went for a run on a Saturday morning! Yes, I actually ran...and nothing was chasing me! 

This was at Aunt Missy's. We forgot his coat so we used some hand-me-downs from Aunt Jen to Aunt Missy for Easton. Thanks for sharing Easton! 

Halloween 2013

I better get these pictures posted before the year ends. :)

We had a fun time dressing up this year. Carson was an army guy and believe it or not, I dressed up too! I haven't dressed up in 10 years. 

Let's check out Carson first. We found him an army outfit and daddy was able to get some army face paint - which Carson loved! He was so excited to wear his costume to school and super pumped to go trick-or-treating!!

Trey and Sophia came over that evening to go on the candy hunt together. The kids had a blast! 

As I mentioned, I also dressed up...as Flo from the Progressive commercials. It was so much fun!! I even tied for 1st place at work - tied with an Asian lumberjack! Haha! 

I think I turned a lot of heads with people thinking I was the real Flo. :)

Hannah didn't dress up this year but she did wear her pumpkin onsie and looked really cute!! 

I can't wait to see what next year brings for costumes...but I may not dress up - it's hard to beat Flo! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkins and Fair Time

We had a very busy, but fun filled weekend! We went to the pumpkin patch (and didn't buy any pumpkins) on Saturday and then to the Texas State Fair on Sunday!

Carson rode his first horse at the pumpkin patch and he loved it! He was a pro!

On Sunday we went to the fair w/ our friend Travis and Elizabeth and their kiddos Emery and Owen. We had a great time - lots of eating, rides and a few games too! The weather was absolutely perfect - cool in the morning and low 70s in the afternoon.

Here's Carson and Emery holding hands - these two are so funny together. They just start laughing, hugging and jumping around every time they see each other...so cute!

There was a baby giraffe at the petting zoo - Carson wasn't sure what to think about that. We also saw pigs, cows, a turkey, chickens and goats!

Emery loves her some Carson! Every picture we took, she put her arms around him - so funny!

Sis enjoyed the fair too! She took a couple of naps and even got to walk around for a bit. She sure had a lot to say when she was up and walking!

And here is the NEW Big Tex! For those not from Dallas may not know, Big Tex caught on fire last year (really sad news for the city). So, here is the new and improved Big Tex. He talks too - welcoming everyone to the State Fair of Texas! Carson LOVED Big Tex!
(See, I told you Emery loves hugging on Carson!)

Here's an action shot of the kids riding one of many rides - and apparently also of Greg taking a picture too!

One more ride - the swings!! This kid loves riding all of the rides - he couldn't get enough.

It's Sunday night and needless to say, we are all beat! But, it was all well worth it!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I just love the new baby giggles. We were recently able to get some of her laughs on video! You can't help but smile after watching this!


Saturday morning cuddles

Nothing is better than my Saturday morning cuddles with Carson! 

He usually comes into our room before Hannah wakes up so it gives us a few minutes for some cuddles. Sometimes he even falls asleep! Feeling his soft skin and fast beating heart is something I will never forgot. 

Daddy took our picture yesterday - so comfy!